Deleo aka Theo Persson started out when he was very young and learned about music, both because his dad played

Guitar and he wanted to try that and some piano lessons with his sister when he was small, after that he started to play

Guitar,Bass,Drums and Piano. Deleo's musical knowlage and love for music started to grow. He started producing digitaly

when he was 14 years old and it started out hard but he got a hold of it within some time.

Deleo is now an 20 year old producer who started out with producing Techno,Hands up and Trance.

He went from Techno to Alternative Electro and after this he went straight do Dubstep and he is here to stay.

When he started listen to Dubstep he felt that it was the thing he wanted to produce and learn about.

He has also started to make some Glitch-Hop and House to try some new stuff.


Now Deleo is both a producer and a DJ and he loves what he does!



Born and Raised in Båstad

A little small summer town in sweden wich is full of people during the summers but empty in the winter.

Download my Drumstep song with vocals from Sanna Hartfeild for free on


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